The available staff listed on this page have impressed The Guild with their strong service hearts and quality backgrounds. There is a placement fee involved with hiring these persons through our organization. Full details are available upon request. Please contact The Guild or fill out a "Wish List" should you be interested in setting up an interview. Please click on a photograph or name to be taken to the candidates' page.

Butler,Hotel Butler
Domestic Couple,Management Couple
Butler,Household Manager,Estate Manager
Butler,Household Manager,Housekeeper
Personal Assistant,Property Manager,Estate Manager
Personal Assistant,Household Manager,Estate Manager
Butler,Personal Assistant,Domestic Couple,Property Manager,Houseman,Household Manager,Estate Manager,Management Couple
Property Manager,Household Manager,Estate Manager
Butler,Household Manager,Estate Manager
Personal Assistant,Nanny/Governess
Butler,Personal Assistant,Gentlemans Gentleman