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Butler,Household Manager,Housekeeper
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My vision of a housekeeping position. 01/12/2014
When I contemplate my future employment, I consider my new employers first. As a housekeeper my first priority is the safety and comfort of the Principal and his or her family. I know that I’m able to achieve this by working for clients that are intelligent and kind; good manners are very important to me. Open and honest communication is absolutely necessary in this arrangement, clearly stated instructions are very helpful, and I welcome constructive criticism and will correct my actions to accommodate. I will always be loyal to my client and protect his privacy and property. My positive attitude, proactive approach, and ability to work well with other staff members are very helpful with conflict resolution. Twenty years of providing a safe, well organized, and comfortable environment for my clients has broadened my skills and provided me with a plethora of life experiences. Honesty is the key element in my profession. I approach housekeeping finances with careful consideration for cost efficient spending with savings in mind but without lowering the standards of the household in my care. The ledger of housekeeping spending is always ready for the Principal’s inspection and I welcome annual audit by a professional accountant. I like an active household that will give me the opportunity to show my skills, and if given choice will pick a semi-formal family over formal arrangements. I like to travel and will be very helpful with assisting the Family, but I would first like an opportunity to ‘’ put the house in order" before I’m asked to participate. I love dogs, horses and cats and will be happy to provide my care to those family members. I welcome construction that will upgrade Family comfort and I will be very helpful with supervising work to assure the quality of workmanship and to lessen the stress of remodeling on the Principal. From a technical point I’m looking for a well-equipped house and if there is need to upgrade I’m very willing and able, given the means, to achieve the highest standards. I’m able to cook healthy family style meals; I specialize in gluten free nutrition, and would be happy to provide that on the chef’s days off. My standards of cleanliness are very high and I will always consider the Family’s health and environment safety when choosing cleaning solutions. A laundry facility, that will allow to wash, steam and press (Pfaff 580 Roller Press ) or (B990E Miele Rotary Iron) clothing, bedding and table linens, is very important to proper wardrobe care . I support a staff uniform policy which facilitates professionalism within the domestic service industry. Thank you for your consideration. Barbara