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"The beautiful choreography of service is, at its best, an art form, a ballet. I appreciate the grace with which a table can be properly cleared. I admire the elegance with which a bottle of wine can be appropriately opened, decanted and poured. There's aesthetic value in doing things the right way. But I respond best when the person doing those things realises that the purpose of all this beauty is to create pleasure for me. To go through the motions in a perfunctory or self-absorbed manner, no matter how expertly rendered, diminishes the beauty. It's about soul - and service without soul, no matter how elegant, is quickly forgotten by the guest."
- Danny Meyer


I am interested to apply for the position as Formal Butler for a private Family.

I have worked in the past as an Acting Food & Beverage Manager, Site Manager, Butler, and have acquired an extensive experience working for several wonderful places and for individual’s families.

I'm tactful, courteous, honest, organized, French citizen and fluent in English with Arabic notions.

I understand the importance of discretion, loyalty, and respect of this position. I consider myself well grounded and down to earth with a strong work ethic tempered with good morals and values. My leadership skill is a cocktail with a mixture of motivation, a winning team attitude, and a goal to provide ultimate quality service. I pride myself in the ability to establish positive, professional working relationship at all levels, both with whom I manage and those I serve.

Keep in mind the customer satisfaction and to offer a service that surprises and meets their expectations while keeping in mind excellence, are part of my main assets not to mention the integrity and maturity.

Skilled in communication, I work in a diplomat and persuasive style, focusing on customer satisfaction, staff and suppliers.

Honest, well organized, meticulous, with the attention to detail in the preparation, participation and follow-up of persistent projects coming to their terms.

Confident with an excellent attitude of professionalism, I am looking for a position as butler. I am able for taking care after my private employer’s life; I will offer him my organization, multi-tasking, and management skills. I do have a super common sense, with a positive attitude, and handle challenges with great calm and poise.

I am very serious about integrity, confidentiality and reliability.


A highly organized, resourceful and flexible professional with extensive administrative expertise, excellent financial skills, outstanding multilingual communication prowess and a proven track record delivering impeccable service to clients and guests, including valet, housekeeping and table management with immaculate levels of efficiency, politeness and international etiquette, within households, hotels and restaurants.

Butler at the Presidency of the Algerian Republic and as freelance at the Royal Dutch Embassy in Luxembourg, I organized receptions, led large teams, managed inventory, quality service provided by the organization and discipline. I learned in the field qualities necessary to operate in this profession: dynamism, availability, team spirit and sense of responsibility.
I know to how negotiate purchases, organizing supplies and manage inventory of products, plus monitoring of the operating account and propose to place if action plans in order to reduce expenses.

Recognized for professionalism, positive mental attitude, commitment to excellence, loyalty to employer and demonstrated ability to communicate and interact effectively with all levels of senior management, associates and customers.

To provide excellent service means the steady improvement of all my personal capabilities that make my employer’s life easier. Because of my experiences in domestic service, I am well prepared for being a personal butler with energy, passion and commitment.

My target was always to get into a position as a personal butler with more demanding activities and responsibility. I have the right personality and character traits for this position. My ability to work stands in direct connection with my pursuit of perfection.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Culinary Regards,