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My professional experience started in my early 20’s in a Italian restaurant, where I learned basics of cooking. This particular time inspired me to continue my career in hospitality. Later on I became a hobby cook, preparing different mediteranian dishes with showing great interest for bio food. After coming back to Slovenia from Germany, my path took me far away from home, to Toronto, Canada. For a year I worked as a Butler for John Igle (Ingle's insurance).
The hardest decision I had to make was applying for a cruise company. In 2000, I started to work for Celebrity, later on for Oceania cruises. My trip around the world lasted for seven more years of hard work where I collected experience like no school would give me. The present pressure created in me a state of mind with very proactive attitude. I had to be always a step ahead of both my guests and supervisors. Because of my manager's skills, I was promoted to a Maitre d' in very early stage with in between station as a hotel Butler. Guest oriented behaviour combined with technical skills and passion for service was a very strong key to success. That opened the doors to a next level, which was a Headwaiter position in the Gleneagles Hotel, Strathearn Restaurant, one of the very popular places in United Kingdom and well known for golf. Working beside Andrew Fairlie, the best and only two Michelin star chef in Scotland, gave me additional overview of fine dining which included preparing many classical dishes at the table like crêpes Suzette, steak Diane, steak tartar, sabayone, Caesar salad as sensitivity to the guest's needs and requirements.
After a year of scottish life, I had the opportunity to improve my knowledge and organisation skills in a big project called Skyscraper. I was employed for Terra Australis as F&B and Creative Manager, working for one of the richest man in Australia, Anthony Tomazin. Difficult tasks gave me strong motivation for success. I had to organise everything from scratch. Concepts that I developed involved a TV show kitchen, and an internal school for excellent service, proper behaviour and cooking basics. Skyscraper's certificate of excellence would be as well, a preparation tool for exchange students with Gleneagles. Because the place was so popular, there were many private parties, gala banquet dinners, whiskey tastings as well as food and wine pairings. Frequency of tourists offered great opportunities to create our own line of souvenirs and chocolate.
My flexibility improved even more with moving to Switzerland, where I am currently living. Working in several Swiss cities as Restaurant manager, in Zug, Engelberg, Gstaad and Luzern has given me great opportunities to adjust myself to this country in every sense.The very last and the greatest experience was The International Butler Academy, in Valkenburg, Nedherlands, which rounded up all my professional past in one target. It is now my desire to use all my experience in private service.

Mr. Prezelj is a butler with heart and soul. He found out in his late 30s that butlering is his future.
He truly enjoys running around his home, fixing every little detail in the garden as well as inside the house. He loves to invite friends over to his place and cook for them. He surprises them with attention to details. At one point he asked himself, why he should not do so for other people. Since leaving his parents' home, he was fully in-charge of his own living space, housekeeping till kitchen with all the little in-between duties like polishing shoes, cooking, maintenance, dusting, driving and shopping. His goal is simply making his home very pleasant atmosphere to live. He made the final decision to become a butler after birth of his daughter. He said to himself: I am going to continue what I have been doing my entire life with pleasure and joy for somebody else.
He had some experience in the past talking about private service. First in Toronto, Canada, where he took care of the Director and owner of famous insurance company and his property with 22 horses, three dogs, two cars and huge, beautiful estate. The second Butler possition was on Oceania cruises, where the job was mixed with Assist. Maitre'd duties. Another opportunity came in Switzerland, where together with his wife, he was looking after one of many apartments in Engelberg from one of the richest men in Switzerland.
Mr. Prezelj has a very strong hospitality background. Most of his experience came from seven years working for Celebrity and Oceania cruises as Maitre'd Hotel. The final touches in his career came at the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland followed by time as F&B Manager for Skyscraper and as Restaurant Manager in different places in Switzerland.
Mr. Prezelj is very calm, extremely organised, discreet and loyal to his principal. He has a special eye for detail, design, art and quality. He thinks ahead at all times. There is no situation that he cannot handle. He puts a great value in combining effective time management with perfectionism and make it work together. The most important experience in that field of private service was graduation from The International Butler Academy which made him a private service professional in every sense. He has a pleasant attitude and welcomes any duties which come to him, from household duties to organisation of external and internal events.