First of all you need to be a regular member of The Guild. This is easy and free of charge. You simply register on-line, receive information from us, and upload your Résumé etc. In your control panel you can than click a button to apply for Executive Membership.


In addition to the many benefits of Regular (free) Membership, Executive Membership is simply more exclusive with a number of extra services. Below are a number of these services;

Be part of a highly exclusive and professional community
Private Service is often a lonely environment where local contact with other professionals is often difficult or not even possible. Online, as an Executive  Member you have opportunities to hear about and meet others in the profession and provide your input and feedback to professional colleagues.

Password Protected
Executive Members have access to a special and protected part of the Guild's web site. This part of the web site contains exclusive information and many interesting and fun features.

Executive Members will be considered first for new job opportunities. Executive Members also receive free Résumé evaluations.

Receive our monthly Newsletter with bits and pieces of interesting facts, stories and advice. It connects Executive Members from around the globe.

Career Advice
Ask our advice on anything connected with your job, your career, your employer etc.

Free Homepage
Our webmaster will put together a free Homepage for you for other Executive Members to see.

Bulletin Board
The Executive Members have their own bulletin board which cannot be accessed by non-members.

Chat Room
Meet other Executive Members in the Chatroom.

The Guild and its Executive Members organize meetings from time to time in various cities around the world.

Have a problem finding an item for your employer? Need something unusual from another part of the globe? As a Guild we are an international network. Access to The Guild's Executive Members and their many resources and connections is an advantage of Guild Executive Membership.

Free Pin
Executive Members receive a free Pin. For a picture of the Pin, click here.

Free E-Mail Account
Executive Members have their own free e-mail address at The Guild.

If you are at a professional level as a Butler or equivalent title, you may choose to become an Executive Member. Becoming an Executive Member is THE way to become part of The Guild's Extensive Network!


You do not need to be an Executive Member to be able to upload a Résumé (CV) so potential employers can review your files. You also do not need to be an Executive Member if you wish to be considered for our job opportunities.