Before deciding if you would like to become an Executive Member, please read these Membership Qualification Requirements to assure you are in understanding of, and in agreement with the expectations put on our Executive Members and our organization. The Guild is an internationally respected and recognized organization in the field of domestic management and wishes to remain so.

Executive Membership is Fee Based

To qualify for Executive Membership, you must demonstrate with supporting documentation that you: 

  • Have three years experience as a Butler or in a job with a different title but with similar duties or oversight of such duties OR have received certification as a Butler (such as Butler training), plus at least 1 year relevant experience.

  • Provide a personal profile which conforms to the standard Guild Executive profile for posting in the Executive Member part of The Guild's web site so everyone knows something about fellow Executive Members.

  • Pay a fee of $50 for the application review procedure (one time only) plus $72 annual dues upon application approval and prior to official Executive Membership being conferred.

  • Are approved by The Guild's the Board of Directors. This approval is based on the accuracy and completeness of the application materials and a subjective assessment that the candidate is committed to the Code of Honor and the professional values of our organization.


Q. Is It obligatory to become an Executive Member if I am interested in a job through The Guild?
A. NO! You do not have to be an Executive Member. We will gladly evaluate your "suitability" for any given position. You must however be a regular member and have uploaded your Résumé to your personal account.

We do not insist that you become an Executive Member of The Guild as a condition for finding employment through our Employment Agency. However, as we constantly advertise that we have professional Executive Members available for Temporary and Permanent positions, you will understand that clients expect us to evaluate such Executive Members first because they have been trained and/or screened by us. As such, you would stand more chance of meeting a client's requirements if you were an Executive Member.

The International Guild of Professional Butlers respects the right of any individual to submit their personal details to The Guild free of charge, for the purpose of finding employment on the mutual understanding that he or she does not wish to become Executive Member and that The Guild retains its right to give preference and/or priority to its Executive Members without any explanation being given.