1. QUIT - Lack of appreciation. A good professional relationship can go sour when the employer takes the private service professional for granted.

2. QUIT - Employers exhibit poor behavior. One Billionaire has been known to yell at his "ex" butler (in front of others) for delay in having the Bentley pulled around to take him to the office. This is a mild example. The Guild always promotes mutual respect!

3. QUIT - Too much micro management. If you hire a professional, give him or her some slack and room to be great! Save the critiques for regular, private meetings. If annoyed, make these meetings daily!

4. QUIT - Money! There was talk of "bonus structure", we will "take care of you" and after the first crazy year past, your Butler barely got a thank you and a 3% cost of living increase. Some genuine appreciation would be nice. Not always money either!

5. QUIT - The position was not what it was thought to be. Many positions are offered word of mouth and later disagreements arise over what expectations and duties were agreed to. "The devil is in the details". Employers and Candidates need to sort through to the real job details!

6. QUIT - A better opportunity came along. Our Jeeves moves along, albeit reluctantly, but he did not feel appreciated. Staff retention strategies are an important consideration for long term employment relationships. The Guild can offer free advice!

7. FIRED - Employment began before background checks were completed and a "problem" arises. Or maybe proper and normal checks were not conducted and a behavior history repeated itself.

8. FIRED - Poor performance. You thought you hired a seasoned professional who now is turning out to be unreliable with certain problems. Were references checked?

9. FIRED - Failure to understand the line of professional separation (for instance the Butler who talks too much in the village).

10. FIRED - Misappropriation of the employer's property. The International Guild of Professional Butlers promotes a strict code of ethics! Wine sampling is for the Butler's Pantry before serving at table!