Step 1. Let the turkey cool down for approximately 20 minutes after removing it from the oven.
Step 2. Remember to wash your hands before you begin carving.
Step 3. Begin by separating the legs from the turkey. Pull the legs away from the turkey and cut through at the joint.
Step 4. After you separate the drumstick, continue separating the thigh which is part of the leg.
Step 5. Next, separate the wings from the turkey. Use your fork to hold the turkey, slice through the joint and remove.
Step 6. Begin to separate the breast meat from the turkey by making a slice down the center of the turkey on one side of the breast bone.
Step 7. Remove the breast meat and place it on your carving board.
Step 8. Using the same process, remove the breast meat from the opposite side.
Step 9. Remove the skin if desired and begin to slice the turkey breast.
Step 10. Slice the entire breast and place it on your serving platter.
Step 11. Prepare your serving platter and enjoy!