Television, movies, and literature are full of memorable household personnel: maids and butlers, cooks and nannies. Name the famous domestic characters described by the following clues:

1.The Banks family's "practically perfect in every way" nanny.
2.Maude's maids.
3.Mr. and Mrs. Drysdale's butler.
4.The Housekeeper of "Mr. Eddie's Father."
5.Lwaxana Troi's silent manservant.
6.Ted Key's comic strip maid.
7.The man who maintained Stately Wayne Manor and its "basement."
8.George and Louise's flippant maid.
9.Ben, Adam, Eric, and Joe's cook.
10.Scarlett O'Hara's flighty maid.
11."Uncle Bill" Davis's gentleman's gentlemen.
12.The "piratical maid-of-all-work" of Penzance.
13.Britt Reid's manservant.
14.A black maid and 1950s TV title character.
15.The von Trapp family's governess.
16.The Stephenses' often invisible maid.
17.Jack Benny's gravel-voiced valet.
18.The POW cook for McHale's Navy.
19.Oberon's impish servant in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
20."Mama" Carlson's disobedient butler.
21.Captain Hook's "first mate, chief cook, and bottle washer."
22.Arthur's acerbic valet.
23.Bachelor Father's manservant.
24.George, Jane, Judy, and Elroy's housekeeper.
25.The taller of Gomez and Morticia's two household helpers.
26.The well-known right-hand man created by Daniel DeFoe.
27.Richie Rich's metallic maid.
28.Suzanne Sugarbaker's scary servant.
29.The woman who cleaned up the messes around 221B Baker Street.
30.Hawkeye and Trapper's houseboy.

The answers are below!

1.Mary Poppins.
2.Florida Evans, Mrs. Nell Naugatuck, and Victoria Butterfield (Maude).
3.Ravenswood (The Beverly Hillbillies).
4.Mrs. Livingston (The Courtship of Eddie's Father).
5.Mr. Homn (Star Trek: The Next Generation).
7.Alfred Pennyworth (confidant of Bruce Wayne/Batman).
8.Florence Johnston (The Jeffersons).
9.Hop Sing (Bonanza).
10.Prissy (Gone with the Wind).
11.Mr. Giles French (and occasionally his brother, Nigel, on Family Affair).
12.Ruth (Pirates of Penzance).
13.Kato (The Green Hornet).
15.Maria (The Sound of Music).
16.Esmerelda (Bewitched).
17.Rochester Van Jones.
20.Hirsch (WKRP in Cincinnati).
21.Mr. Smee (Peter Pan).
22.Hobson (Arthur).
23.Peter Tong.
24.Rosie (The Jetsons).
25.Lurch (The Addams Family).
26.Friday (Robinson Crusoe).
28.Consuela (Designing Women).
29.Mrs. Hudson (in Sherlock Holmes stories).
30.Ho Jon (M*A*S*H).