Peter B.
Butler,Personal Assistant,Hotel Butler,Household Manager,Chauffeur
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Péter Bicsák is a self-confident person. He is Hungarian but he describes himself very cosmopolitan as he had opportunities to work in different places and establishments in the hospitality industry. Now he is a Butler where he found himself in the best-fit position. He believes that in the career path is important not to skip the steps. He got his experience in different areas like a cocktail barman, a'la carte waiter, restaurant manager, Concierge, and Butler. He mainly gained his experience in the cruising industry. At Crystal Cruises he got his most successful position as a Head Butler. He had the opportunity to serve and satisfy high-end clients from all over the world. He has great knowledge on cultural differences. He is very happy to have trained many of his colleagues. He is proud of his ability to build a great connection with his guests as well as with his supervisors. In his free time, he would like to have 36 hours in one day as he has so much interest in many different kinds of areas. He is a bedroom DJ, an amateur photographer. He likes the infinite knowledge space of the internet. He knows how much preparation is important so please have your phone battery charged. I am ready for your service. How may I assist you?