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! Place Fork
for all meals, entree or roast
! Salad/Pastry Fork
salad, fish, pies, pastries cold meats
! Dinner Fork
essential to the formal dinner where more than one fork is needed, also used as a serving fork
! Cake Fork
for desserts and pastries
! Fish Fork
used when a fish course is served - Hollow Handle
! Strawberry Fork
longer three tine fork for fruit/melons
! Place Knife
for all meals, entree or roast - Hollow Handle
! Individual Steak Knife
used at place setting for cutting meats - Hollow Handle
! Fish Knife
used when a fish course is served. Hollow Handle
! Dinner Knife
essential to the formal dinner where more than one knife is needed. Hollow Handle
! Tea Knife butter, jams, jellies marmalades - Hollow Handle
! Butter Spreader jams, jellies or for hors d'oeuvres or on a cheese tray
! Cream Soup Spoon soups in dishes or bowls, serving sauces, cereals
! Small Teaspoon may be used as a child's spoon and as a coffee spoon
! Teaspoon
coffee, tea, fruits, and some desserts
! Place Spoon
dessert, cereal, soup, small serving spoon
! Dessert/Oval Spoon
soups, desserts, cereals small serving spoon
! Demitasse Spoon
after dinner coffee, condiments, caviar
! Ice Cream Fork
ice cream pies, cakes, or frozen desserts
! Round Bowl Soup Spoon
soups, cereals, small serving spoon
! Iced Beverage Spoon
iced coffee or tea, fruit drinks, parfaits
! Grapefruit/Melon Spoon
grapefruit, melon, jellies, jams relishes
! Individual Salt Spoon individual serving spoon used with saltcellar